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  • Soar Beyond is committed to supporting the success of clinical pharmacists and organisations in primary care and has a range of services that do this
  • Technology, Pain Management, Leadership, Education and Training, Women in Pharmacy and Panel Discussions are just some of what this years CPC has to offer on 24th – 25th September 2021. We are so excited to have the opportunity to offer these sessions, along with expert speakers delivering them. The CPC programme is up with new sessions being added daily. Whether you have enjoyed our show before, or have not attended as of yet, the following session highlights are not to be missed: 

  • The Clinical Pharmacy Congress (CPC) is excited to announce a new partnership with Pharmacist Support as their nominated charity for the 2021 event.

  • PrescQIPP provides all the tools you need to optimise medicines for your patients whether at an ICS or PCN/practice level. On our website you will find evidence-based documents with data and implementation tools, plus a platform to share best practice and innovation across the NHS.

  • Pharmacists are trained to prioritise patient safety, but their own safety should also be a concern for them and their employer. Recent PDA member surveys show the severity of the issue

  • The Clinical Pharmacy Congress (CPC), the largest congress for clinical pharmacy in the UK, and Pharmacy in Practice (pip.scot), a pharmacist led training provider and podcast have partnered for this year’s congress.

  • After what has been one of the hardest years for pharmacy professionals, with constant exhaustion from working long hours and the anxiety from the uncertainty, it is more important to ensure the health and wellness of pharmacy professionals. Now, that we are moving back into some sort of normality, it is crucial for pharmacy professionals to stay on top of their health and wellbeing – but how can we do this?

  • A group of Day Lewis pharmacists scooped the C+D COVID Hero Team Award 2020 for running a mile every day in November, collecting for a food bank as they did. Where are they now?
  • Pharmacy must declare a climate emergency

    08 Jul 2021 Tracy Lyons, medicines optimisation pharmacist and pharmacy sustainability lead, Poole Hospital, University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation
    The medical and nursing professions — knowing their duty to human health — have spoken out against the threat
    of the climate crisis. It’s time for pharmacy to stand up too.
  • The rise of Covid-19 has brought with it a monumental shift in communication across the globe. From family and friends to the professionals we turn to such as therapists and coaches – the way we interact has changed dramatically. Companies that hadn’t already done so were forced to move quickly in placing ‘digital’ as a core part of their strategy; but while there are advantages to this approach – we can’t ignore the significance of ‘face-to-face’ contact within the exhibitions industry.

    As in-person events return to UK shores following the latest government announcement, it raises discussion on how important they are, the role they play in a new, virtual world and how businesses can transition successfully. We look to those at the forefront to set the bar as live shows re-emerge.

  • A study of GP records in England shows about 23,270 people have a formally logged diagnosis of "long Covid" - far fewer than recent surveys suggest.

  • With the help of an innovative platform, NHS hospital pharmacy teams are taking a huge step closer to achieving their digital targets.

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