2015 Award Winners

The Finalists and Winners for the Chief Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician and Innovation of the Year were announced at Congress 2015 during the awards ceremony hosted by Professor Chris Cutts.

These awards celebrated and acknowledged successful individuals within the pharmacy profession. We were delighted to be able to recognise all sectors of clinical pharmacy through these awards which were open to any qualified pharmacy professional irrespective of career level.

Clinical Pharmacy Technician of the Year

A leading pharmacy technician who has made a significant contribution to clinical pharmacy in the UK in the last two years.


Samantha Quaye - King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Clinical Pharmacy Innovation of the Year

We looked for innovation that has made a significant contribution to clinical pharmacy in the UK in the past two years.

Finalists for Clinical Pharmacy Innovation of the Year category:

A retrospective evaluation of multidisciplinary review of medication in nursing homes - Mark Learmouth

REACH: preventing medication-related emergency readmissions to hospital - Julia Blagburn

A specialist pharmacy team improving outcomes for patients through an integrated medicines optimisation service - Michelle Hoad


Establishing a programme of medicines optimisation support in care homes - Clinical Pharmacy Innovation of the Year, Ruth Harris, Clinical Pharmacist, CMFT Community Medicines Optimisation Team

Clinical Pharmacist of the Year

This category rewards a pharmacist who has made a significant contribution to clinical pharmacy in the UK in the last two years.

Finalists for Clinical Pharmacist of the year category

Paul Rafferty - Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Andrew Murray - Royal Stoke University Hospital (RSUH), University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

Tariq Azamgarhi - Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury

Margaret Ruth Hook - Banwell Village Pharmacy

Danielle Wigg - North Bristol NHS Trust


Margaret Ruth Hook - Clinical Pharmacist of the Year, Superintendent Pharmacist, Director, Independent Prescriber, Banwell Village Pharmacy

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The Clinical Pharmacy Congress is the largest gathering for the clinical pharmacy profession held in the UK. If you work in, or have an interest with clinical pharmacy - you need to be there!

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As everyone knows, nothing gets on to the formulary these days without the signature of the pharmacist. And if you want to sell equipment or technologies into a hospital dispensary – you will need to convince the pharmacists before going through the procurement process.

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