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Supported internships : the dual benefits for the pharmacy world and society as a whole

04 Nov 2023
Strategy Theatre

People with a learning disability are less likely than the general population to get and hold down a job. In the general population, 76% of people 16-64 are in paid work, whereas only 6% of adults with a LD are in paid work.  The pharmacy world has experienced recruitment difficulties, including into pharmacy support staff roles.

  • Supported internships help young people with LD gain paid employment, and can help them build their self-esteem, improve their health and well-being and build new friendships.. 
  • There are also benefits to employers, the economy, and the local and wider community. 
  • Supported internships can build employment opportunities for young people and support the pharmacy recruitment agenda.
Rhian Carta, Head of Pharmacy Prince Charles Hospital - CPPE

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