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How medicines and nutrients might interact

03 Nov 2023
Clinical 1 Theatre

When conducting structured medication reviews and medicines optimisation, the interactions between medicines and foods/ nutrients should be considered alongside drug-drug interactions.
This talk will introduce two ways to consider integrating nutrition into pharmacy roles and how you can access learning to support you from CPPE:
- how nutrition affects health and medicines e.g. foods can influence the efficacy or toxicity of a medicine; micronutrient deficiency symptoms may be treated with medicines instead of a targeted nutritional approach; food allergies or intolerances may remain undetected and treated with medication instead of food avoidance to prevent symptoms
- how medicines affect nutrition e.g. medicines can decrease absorption of nutrients and cause micronutrient deficiencies influencing subsequent health status

Learning outcomes

- Explore how medicines can influence nutritional status and the subsequent impact on an individual’s health
- Interactions between medicines and micronutrients
- How you can utilise this knowledge to improve care when supporting people in your area of practice, including medicines optimisation and deprescribing
- How to access learning from CPPE to support your conversations with people about nutrition

Lisa Jamieson, Pharmacist Consultant and Managing Director - Enucleo Limited
Matthew Shaw, Director - CPPE

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