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Clinical, OTC, MEP & Pharmaceutical calculation revision sessions (GPhC Registration Asssesment Revision)

04 Nov 2023
Room 8

In these interactive, insightful, and motivational sessions, our dedicated tutors, Marvin Munzu, Umar Majid, and Georgina Gillard, will conduct comprehensive revision sessions in Clinical, Mep, OTC, and Pharmaceutical calculations. These sessions are specifically designed to prepare you for the GPhC Registration Assessment, incorporating the latest GPhC-style exam questions sourced from our forthcoming question bank.

During these sessions, trainees will have the opportunity toassess and enhance their knowledge while receiving invaluable tips for success in their foundation year. As a part of this programme, participants will also receive complimentary workbooks and revision materials, courtesy of the esteemed Preregshortcuts foundation programme. We are proud to announce our successful partnership with the renowned NPA and ECG this year, further bolstering the quality of our offerings.

Please remember to bring calculators to these sessions to maximize your learning experience. We look forward to your active participation and success in your preparations for the GPhC Registration Assessment.

Marvin Munzu, Managing director, co-founder & Clinical Lead - Preregshortcuts Ltd
Umar Majid, Managing director, co-founder & Calculations lead - Preregshortcuts Ltd
Georgina Gillard, OTC & MEP Lead - Preregshortcuts Ltd

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