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How can pharmacists improve the delivery of time critical Parkinson's medication?

10 May 2024
Strategy & Policy Forum
How can pharmacists improve the delivery of time critical Parkinson's medication?

Patients with Parkinson’s are at risk of significant harm if they don’t get their medication on time, every time. ‘On time’ means within 30 minutes of the patient’s prescribed time.

Data from the 2022 UK Parkinson’s Audit highlighted that of the 21.2% of respondents who went to hospital, only 42% always got their medication on time. 

The delivery of time critical medications is a complex challenge which can only be addressed with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Parkinson’s UK is working with health professionals to find solutions and improve the delivery of medications on time for patients with Parkinson’s. It is recognised that pharmacists play a vital role in enabling this to happen, particularly those working in inpatient or clinical settings. 

In this session we will explore why Parkinson’s medications are time critical and the role of pharmacists as time critical medication changemakers. We will share some of the interventions which pharmacists have taken as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to improve the delivery of time medications and inspire you to take action.

Jean Almond, Programme Manager - Time Critical Medications - Parkinson's UK
Stephanie Bancroft, Community Pharmacist - Chair of the Parkinson’s Disease Specialist Pharmacy Network (PDSPN)

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