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Why you should train independent prescribers in your practice, and how

11 May 2024
Integrated Care Theatre & Primary Care Theatre

A showcase of a pilot programme that was implemented across London's primary care landscape. This initiative aimed to upskill non-medical prescribers, transforming them into designated prescribing practitioners. By enabling these practitioners to practice and mentor future non-medical prescribers throughout London, the programme seeked to create a sustainable framework for ongoing professional development. Engage in a discussion about the programme's objectives, methodologies, and outcomes, exploring how it addresses the evolving needs of healthcare delivery in the region. This session provides a platform to share experiences, challenges, and successes encountered during the implementation of this program, offering valuable insights for healthcare professionals, educators, and policymakers interested in enhancing the capabilities of non-medical prescribers in primary care.

Puja Nathwani, Primary care team Fellow at NHSE - Clinical Lecturer at University of Reading

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