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Environmental Sustainability Leadership in Pharmacy

13 May 2022

All four NHS health services have committed to achieving “net-zero” between 2040-2045. Health systems account for 5% of global carbon emissions with medicines accounting for about 25% of NHS carbon emissions. Pharmaceutical-related environmental pollution is a threat to biodiversity. Pharmacy teams are uniquely positioned across all sectors to support the delivery of environmental sustainability. It is clear that minimising the negative impacts of pharmaceuticals throughout care pathways is supported by patients, the public and healthcare professionals. As the two primary representative organisations, the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) are fully committed to supporting their members in delivering more sustainable use of medicines. Both organisations recognise that there are unique challenges and opportunities for pharmacy teams in responding to the “net-zero” challenge and minimising wider environmental pollution. This session will explore some of the challenges and opportunities with a focus on how both organisations, both collectively and individually, can support the profession in delivering environmentally sustainable practice.


Learning outcomes:

  • To understand how the climate emergency impacts human health
  • To explore some of the negative environmental impacts caused by pharmaceuticals and care pathways
  • To recognise the sustainability commitments of the GHP and RPS
  • To recognise the priority areas where pharmacy teams can reduce the environmental impact of their teams and lead in reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceuticals and care pathways
Miss Minna Eii, Vice Chair of Sustainability - Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP)
Mrs Laura Wilson, Policy and Practice Lead - Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland
Mr Barry Melia, Chair of Sustainability - Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists


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