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Sustainability in inhaler prescribing in respiratory care

13 May 2022
Medicines Optimisation

In this session which will focus on implementing sustainable inhaler prescribing in respiratory care we’ll cover:

• Inhalers and the environment
• National guidance supporting sustainable inhaler prescribing
• NHS targets and activities supporting reductions in inhaler carbon emissions
• Where to find inhaler carbon emissions data and how to use it to support patient care
• Practical strategies to support reductions in inhaler carbon emissions
• Impact of inhaler switch strategies
• Environmentally safe inhaler disposal or recycling and patient information supporting this.

There will be a quiz to test your knowledge and a special prize draw for winners!
So do come along to this workshop and find out about sustainability inhaler prescribing in respiratory care.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand how inhalers impact the environment and contribute to climate change.
  • To be aware of national guidance, NHS targets, and activities supporting a reduction in inhaler carbon emissions.
  • To be aware of where to find inhaler carbon emission data and understand how to use the data to support lowering the inhaler carbon footprint.
  • To understand the impact of inhaler switch strategies to support local planning.
  • To be aware of practical strategies to support reductions in inhaler carbon emissions which aim to also improve patient outcomes.
  • To be aware of environmentally safe disposal or recycling of inhalers and public facing campaign materials to support this.
Mrs Victoria Gibson, Senior Pharmacist - Clinical Quality - PrescQIPP CIC
Mrs Karen Homan, Associate Director of Medicines Optimisation - PrescQIPP


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