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15 Mar 2024

The quickest way to prescribe the right emollient for your patients.

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The quickest way to prescribe the right emollient for your patients.
AproDerm Emollient Starter Pack
Introducing the AproDerm® Emollient Starter Pack: Simplifying Emollient Selection

Healthcare professionals, brace yourselves for a breakthrough that will transform the way you address the needs of patients with skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, and other dry skin conditions. The game-changing AproDerm® Emollient Starter Pack, is a product set to make emollient selection easier for your patients by offering them choice. 


Emollients play a pivotal role in managing the symptoms of various skin conditions. However, identifying the right emollient for individual patients can be a time-consuming and challenging process. With the AproDerm® Emollient Starter Pack, healthcare professionals now have access to the quickest, most efficient method for prescribing the perfect emollient by allowing patients to easily try four different emollients before deciding on which one they prefer and so will use. 

"We understand the challenges healthcare professionals face in finding the right emollient for their patients," says Daljit Birdi, Managing Director at AproDerm®. "Our Emollient Starter Pack is designed to simplify this process, offering a selection of emollients varying in hydration, consistency and ingredients. It's the quickest way to prescribe the right emollient for your patients, ensuring they receive the best care possible." 

The AproDerm® Emollient Starter Pack is better for patients, it provides choice, giving them four emollients to try. It also comes with a self-care guide helping to educate patients on how to correctly apply an emollient, how often and how much, along with practical tips and advice. Together they  aid compliance and adherence.  

In addition, the AproDerm® Emollient Starter Pack: 

  • Is designed to meet NICE guidelines  

  • Is drug-tariff listed 

  • Comes in a handy pack containing all four emollients, saving valuable time and money with less revisits and referrals for you and your patient  

The emollients contained within the AproDerm® Emollient Starter Pack are suitable from birth and SLS, parabens, benzyl alcohol, colour and fragrance free. In addition, the AproDerm® Colloidal Oat Cream and AproDerm® Emollient Cream are both suitable soap substitutes.  

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