09 Apr 2024

Fully Closed Back Syringe Unit Range

Equashield Stand: H38

All EQUASHIELD® Connections across our whole CSTD range are designed to be used with a single sliding motion which is both safer and easier to use for pharmacists.  When two connectors are engaged, the locking mechanism presses elastic membranes on matching surfaces into a tight and fully locked position. Needles pierce through the compressed membranes, only after the membranes are tightly locked. During the needle retraction, needles are wiped against the resealing membranes removing any drug contamination. Any contact between the drug and the membrane's outer surface is prevented, leaving the surface area completely dry and clean of any drug residues. Additionally, EQUASHIELD® is a needle-safe system where needles remain shielded inside component housing and beyond reach. EQUASHIELD® Syringe Units (range from 1ml up to 60ml) maintain a closed pressure equalization that prevents the escape of vapors and aerosols during compounding and administration. A unique dual-needle, air-to-liquid exchange system, combined with a closed-back sterile air chamber behind the syringe ensures that pressure is equalized in a system throughout the hazardous drug handling process.

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