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  • Aadam Hashmi

    Aadam Hashmi

    Specialist Pharmacist - Trauma, Orthopaedics & Pain Services, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust
  • Ahmed Al-Nagar

    Ahmed Al-Nagar

    Pharmacy Operations Manager, Cleveland Clinic London
  • Alan Green

    Alan Green

    Academic Pharmacist Practitioner, University of Sunderland
  • Amandeep Doll

    Amandeep Doll

    Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Amit Patel

    Amit Patel

    Chief Executive Officer, Merton Sutton and Wandsworth LPC
  • Amita Aggarwal

    Amita Aggarwal

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officers's Clinical Fellow, Health Education England
  • Andrew Davies

    Andrew Davies

    Director of Hospital Pharmacy, NHS England & Improvement
  • Andrew Down

    Andrew Down

    Course Lead - Psych 1 & Psych 2, College of Mental Health Pharmacy
  • Andrew Staples

    Andrew Staples

    Team Leader Pharmacy, Cleveland Clinic
  • Anisha Soni

    Anisha Soni

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Anjna Sharma

    Anjna Sharma

    Director of Pharmacist Services, Soar Beyond
  • Ann Slee

    Ann Slee

    Associate CCIO (Medicines), NHSX
  • Anne Joshua

    Anne Joshua

    Head of Pharmacy Integration, NHS England & NHS Improvement
  • Anoushka Tepielow

    Anoushka Tepielow

    HRA Approval Manager – Technical Assurances, Health Research Authority
  • Babir Malik

    Babir Malik

    Teacher Practitioner, University of Bradford
  • Babir Malik

    Babir Malik

    Weldricks Teacher Practitioner, University of Bradford
  • Benjamin Waters

    Benjamin Waters

    Senior Cardiovascular Pharmacist, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
  • Carmel Darcy

    Carmel Darcy

    -, -
  • Carole Auchterlonie

    Carole Auchterlonie

    Director for Fitness to Practise, General Pharmaceutical Council
  • Chandra Maraj

    Chandra Maraj

    Advanced Specialist Cancer Pharmacy Technician & Operational Manager, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Chris Maguire

    Chris Maguire

    Marketing Manager, BD Diabetes Care UK & Ireland
  • Christina Gkali

    Christina Gkali

    Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Sunderland East Primary Care Network
  • Christine Wadsworth

    Christine Wadsworth

    UK Clinical Lead, Better
  • Claire Baldwin

    Claire Baldwin

    Advanced Specialist Cancer Pharmacy Technician & Operational Manager, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Claire Oates

    Claire Oates

    Interim lead pharmacists renal and urology, Barts Health
  • Clark Quinn

    Clark Quinn

    Executive Director, Quinnovation
  • Danielle Hunt

    Danielle Hunt

    Chief Executive, Pharmacist Support
  • Dipak Duggal

    Dipak Duggal

    Director, Medical Affairs, International Dispensing and Prep Tech, BD
  • Duncan Jenkins

    Duncan Jenkins

    Clinical Director – Morph Consultancy Ltd, Specialist in Pharmaceutical Public Health – Dudley CCG
  • Ellen Williams

    Ellen Williams

    Vice President, APTUK
  • Femeeda Padhani

    Femeeda Padhani

    Clinical Pharmacist, Millway Medical Practice
  • Gail Fleming

    Gail Fleming

    Director of Education and Professional Development, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Gareth Malson

    Gareth Malson

    Lead PCN pharmacist, Chester East PCN
  • Garry McDonald

    Garry McDonald

    Respiratory Pharmacist Consultant, UK Wide, Currently University Hospital Crosshouse, Kilmarnock, NHS
  • Ghalib Khan

    Ghalib Khan

    Written Medicine, .
  • Graham Stretch

    Graham Stretch

    PCPA President, Clinical Director and Chief Pharmacist, Brentworth Primary Care Network and Argyle Health Group
  • Greg Quinn

    Greg Quinn

    Director, Public Policy & Advocacy, BD
  • Gupinder Syan

    Gupinder Syan

    Training and Clinical Outcomes Manager, i2i Network
  • Harpreet Chana

    Harpreet Chana

    Founder, The Mental Wealth Academy
  • Hayley Wickens

    Hayley Wickens

    Lead Pharmacy Training Programme Director (South), Health Education England
  • Helen Garrood

    Helen Garrood

    Senior PCN Pharmacist, Guildford East Primary Care Network
  • Helen Kilminster

    Helen Kilminster

    PCN Clinical Director, The People's Health Partnership
  • Helen Porter

    Helen Porter

    Pharmacy Dean / Regional Head of Pharmacy, Health Education England London and South East
  • Jackie Eastwood

    Jackie Eastwood

    Associate Director, Medecines Optimisation and Pharmacy Procurement, NHS Landon Procurement Partnership
  • Jamie Coleman

    Jamie Coleman

    Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Medical Education, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Janaki Chitsabesan

    Janaki Chitsabesan

    ., Pharmacy Technicians of Colour (PTOC)
  • Jatinder Harchowal

    Jatinder Harchowal

    Head of Quality Improvement, Royal Marsden Hospital
  • JD Mullan

    JD Mullan

    Senior Pharmacist, N. Ireland, Royal Victoria Hospital
  • Jen Weston

    Jen Weston

    Clinical Pharmacist, SEOxHA Primary Care
  • Jenny Desborough

    Jenny Desborough

    Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes (MOCH) Pharmacist, NHS Arden and GEM Commissioning Support Unit
  • Joela Mathews

    Joela Mathews

    Highly Specialist Pharmacist - Neurosciences Lead, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Joseph Brayson

    Joseph Brayson

    Senior Clinical Pharmacist (Antimicrobials), Clinical Teaching Fellow, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Joseph Oakley

    Joseph Oakley

    Head of Assessment and Credentialing, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Judith Poulton

    Judith Poulton

    Implementation Manager, Avon LPC
  • Keith Ridge

    Keith Ridge

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, NHS England & Improvement
  • Ketan Kavia

    Ketan Kavia

    Pharmacist Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Medicines Management, Primary Care, Specialist Interest: Cardio-metabolic Medicine
  • Kieron Power

    Kieron Power

    Clinical Lead Pharmacist for Thrombosis and Anticoagulation, Singleton Hospital, Swansea bay University Health Board
  • Kiran Channa

    Kiran Channa

    Clinical Team Lead Pharmacist, Medicine Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Kundai Gomwe

    Kundai Gomwe

    Black Pharmacists Collective, MPharm Student at University of Manchester
  • Lelly Oboh

    Lelly Oboh

    Consultant Pharmacist for Older People, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service
  • Linda Honey

    Linda Honey

    Interim Director of Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation, Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership
  • Louisa Conlon

    Louisa Conlon

    Lead Production Pharmacist and Medicine Safety Officer, Cleveland Clinic London
  • Louisa Knowles

    Louisa Knowles

    Specialist Pharmacist – Technical Services, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lucy Hedley

    Lucy Hedley

    Senior Clinical Pharmacist - HIV, ID & Tropical Medicine, University College London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Mandy Wong

    Mandy Wong

    Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Cleveland Clinic
  • Mark Voce

    Mark Voce

    Director of Education and Standards, General Pharmaceutical Council
  • Mary Carter

    Mary Carter

    APTUK - Primary Care Associate, APTUK
  • Melanie Lowe

    Melanie Lowe

    Lead Clinical Service Pharmacy Technician, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
  • Mike Merriman

    Mike Merriman

    Clinical Director, Kirkby Primary Care Network
  • Nabila Chaudhri

    Nabila Chaudhri

    Director of Pharmacy, Babylon Health
  • Natasha Callender

    Natasha Callender

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's clinical Fellow
  • Niall O'kane

    Niall O'kane

    Lead General Practice Pharmacist, Mid Ulster Federation
  • Nina Barnett

    Nina Barnett

    Consultant Pharmacist, London Northwest Healthcare NHS Trust and NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service
  • Nipa Patel

    Nipa Patel

    Senior PCN Clinical Pharmacist SASSE2, North West Surrey Heartlands
  • Nisha Bhudia

    Nisha Bhudia

    Specialist Pharmacist - Critical Care, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
  • Oksana Pyzik

    Oksana Pyzik

    Senior Teaching Fellow / UCL Lead Outbreak of Infectious Diseases & Global Citizenship Programme, UCL School of Pharmacy
  • Omar Ali

    Omar Ali

    Clinical Pharmacist and Expert Advisor, .
  • Omar Usmani

    Omar Usmani

    Consultant Chest Physician, Clinical Senior Lecturer, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London
  • Paul Bristow MP

    Paul Bristow MP

    Conservative MP, for Peterborough
  • Paul Wright

    Paul Wright

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow, NHS Digital
  • Paul Wright

    Paul Wright

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow, NHS Digital
  • Pippa Roberts

    Pippa Roberts

    Director of Pharmacy and Medicines Management, Wirral University NHS Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust
  • Rahul Singal

    Rahul Singal

    Chief Pharmacist, NE London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Rahul Singh

    Rahul Singh

    Senior General Manager, Harbinger Interactive Learning Private Limited
  • Raliat Onatade

    Raliat Onatade

    Group Chief Pharmacist and Clinical Director for Medicines Optimisation, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Reena Barai

    Reena Barai

    Community Pharmacist, S G Barai Pharmacy
  • Richard Bateman

    Richard Bateman

    Regional Pharmacy Procurement Specialist, NHS Commercial Solutions
  • Richard Cattell

    Richard Cattell

    Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Robbie Turner

    Robbie Turner

    Director of Pharmacy and Member Experience, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Sacha Pires

    Sacha Pires

    Highly Specialist Infection & Immunity Pharmacist, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Samantha Quaye

    Samantha Quaye

    Pharmacy Business and Performance Manager & BME Site Lead, Royal London & Mile End Hospitals
  • Sapna Gohil

    Sapna Gohil

    Lead Pharmacist for High Cost Drugs and Homecare services, University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
  • Sarah Brockbank

    Sarah Brockbank

    Medicines Management Technician, Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust
  • Sarah Cahill

    Sarah Cahill

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's clinical Fellow, NHSX
  • Scott Barrett

    Scott Barrett

    Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Shailen Rao

    Shailen Rao

    Managing director, Soar Beyond
  • Shereen Nabhani-Gebara

    Shereen Nabhani-Gebara

    Associate Professor Oncology Pharmacy, Kingston University, London
  • Stephen Hughes

    Stephen Hughes

    Consultant Pharmacist, Chelsea & Westminster NHS Trust
  • Steve Brown

    Steve Brown

    Regional Chief Pharmacist (South West), NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Sue Ladds

    Sue Ladds

    Regional Chief Pharmacist (South East), NHS England and NHS Improvement
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