05 Sep 2023


Haier Biomedical Stand: C15

Discover Haier’s new generation pharmacy refrigerator, offering temperature uniformity of ±1 °C – confirmed by a 50-point real-time temperature test – for a more strictly controlled and stable storage environment. This exceptional performance is achieved using a combination of innovative technologies:

  • Vertical air supply – generated using a finned evaporator and triple fans, for an efficient and uniform air supply
  • Laminar air flow – eight precisely calculated and experimentally proven core air outlets enable whole-space air flow
  • Counter-flow circulation air suction ­– circulates against the cold air flow, to ensure a consistent temperature
  • Variable speed frequency conversion compressor – adaptive technology offers the same cooling capacity as other similar-sized Haier products, with a 60 % reduction in energy consumption

The refrigerator’s seven-inch touch screen provides intelligent user management with a variety of unlocking modes – including NFC, and face and fingerprint identification ­– to ensure maximum security. An integrated USB port allows access to 10 years of temperature data – which can be downloaded to demonstrate compliance with specified storage requirements – and two access ports each side of the unit enable easy access for secondary monitoring systems, giving the user 24/7 access from a remote location.

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