09 May 2023


Haier Biomedical Stand: C15

The Haier Biomedical HYC-85GD is a cutting-edge countertop medical refrigerator with a 90 litre gross capacity, designed to meet the highest standards in vaccine storage and preservation. Equipped with advanced cooling technology and precision temperature control, the HYC-85GD ensures optimal conditions for storing vaccines, with a temperature uniformity of +/-1.0°C

The unit features a wipe down controller to aid with infection control and the triple glass door when combined with efficient refrigeration and green refrigerants lowers the energy consumption to 0.99kWh/day!

The Haier Biomedical HYC-85GD stands as a reliable ally for healthcare facilities and pharmacies, assuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and contributing to the success of vaccination campaigns while protecting public health.

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