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What pharmacy needs to know if we’re going to fulfil the prevention agenda

25 Sep 2021
Clinical Theatre

“Prevention is better than cure.” As pharmacists, we all know that medicines can do a fine job treating illnesses, but is it better to try to avoid becoming unwell in the first place? Do we really know how to prevent ill health? And once a chronic long-term condition has already developed, is it possible to prevent worsening of symptoms, or resolve existing symptoms, and reduce the need for medication? How can we improve outcomes, quality of life, and support deprescribing all at the same time?
Following the completion of a nutritional medicine MSc, Lisa Jamieson, a pharmacist with over 25 years’ experience is now on a mission to try to use nutrition to reduce the need for medication. This presentation will give you some ‘food for thought’ that will help you start to learn how improve the health and wellbeing of your patients, and yourself.


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