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This is a great way of finding out about the future direction of pharmacy. A large number of the patients I see suffer from asthma and I found Toby Capstick’s session very useful. I think it’s absolutely necessary for pharmacy to have a congress like this.
Eno Ente, Hospital Pharmacist, Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


This is my first time at this congress. I want to expand my clinical expertise and this has been ideal for getting some inspiration.  There are so many different therapeutic areas here; it’s great.
Rajbant Sangha, Medicine Management Optimisation, Walsall CCG


We’ve got 11 members of the team at this show.  It’s an impressive event. There are a lot of interesting speakers here and it’s useful to see how our work fits into the bigger picture and to learn what’s coming down the line. 
Karen Slevin, Head of Clinical Services, Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust


I’ve come over from Malta to visit the show. We don’t have anything like this at home – it’s a great opportunity to expand my knowledge, get advice and meet other pharmacists. 
Sarah Staines, Hospital Pharmacist, Mater Dei Hospital


The strength of this congress is that it gets pharmacists from different sectors together, from community pharmacy and CCG to hospital pharmacy, so that we can all share best practice ideas. I know that I learn from other pharmacists, so hopefully they can learn something from me too. There’s a highly collaborative atmosphere here. It’s a very useful event. 
Toby Capstick, BSc MRPharmS DipClinPharm Dpharm, Lead Respiratory Pharmacist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


There’s a broad array of pharmacy affairs on offer there and an awful lot of knowledge that you can apply when back at work. One of the strengths of an event like this is that it appeals to all levels of pharmacist. For me, the management and strategy updates are very useful.
Nicola Bryan, Senior Pharmacist, Northampton General Hospital


It’s my first time here and it’s been a great opportunity to get access to a lot of useful information in one place. The sessions are presented by experts who are happy to answer your questions and I’ve made some good contacts. I’m about to assemble a lab and it’s been great to be able to handle products in the exhibition to get a better idea of how they work.
Lukasz Niebieszczanski, Pharmacy Technician, Bedford Hospital NHS


A great way to update my knowledge; Toby Capstick’s session on asthma is the best I’ve ever seen.
Asma Ahmed, Locum Hospital Pharmacist


There’s a great range on offer on the show floor and in the sessions. I’ve seen products here that I would like to use in our trust and have learned about different ways of working. A good event.
David Fisher, Hospital Pharmacist, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


I’ve been to this congress a few times. It’s good for refreshing my knowledge and for my CPD. There are lots of different areas covered here that I wouldn’t normally come across, so it’s useful for expanding my knowledge outside my specialism. 
Ting Yee Yau, Lead Pharmacist, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust


I’ve been in pharmacy for 48 years and I need to keep up with what’s happening in the profession. This is a very useful event for doing that and for updating my CPD.
Martin Jenkins, Locum Hospital Pharmacist


A very useful event for getting exposure of your work and for meeting up with high level pharmacists. 
Sue Dickenson, Director of Pharmacy, Regional Drug and Therapeutics Centre and current Chair, UKMi 


I’ve been to this show many times. It’s so useful for education and for seeing new products. It’s a good way of getting rapport with the reps and for learning about what’s new on the market.
Ragini Shelat, Pharmacy Technician


The Poster Zone is a great place to showcase your work. There’s a real appetite to learn here and to disseminate good practice. And there’s some cutting edge stuff on the trade floor.
Adam Khimji, Hospital Pharmacist, University Hospitals Birmingham


I work in clinical trials and research, so it’s great to see what’s happening outside of these areas and especially how things are used in real life after they have come through the trials. It’s a useful show for validating the work you do as well as for showing you how you can make improvements. The exhibition gets better every year. 
Richard Nendick, Lead Pharmacy Technician, Country Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust


The sessions at this congress are very useful, especially the clinical ones. It’s a great place to catch up with colleagues while getting some CPD.
Vishal Savjani, Hospital Pharmacist, University Hospitals Birmingham


I love this congress; it’s so varied. There are so many opportunities to learn here. You can jump between the different sessions, talk to the industry and catch up with colleagues. It attracts a range of different grades of staff; I bring my team here. I love it.
Andrew Davies, FRPharmS, Director of Pharmacy, North Bristol NHS Trust


I come to this show every year. I really look forward to it. The speakers are excellent and there is always something to learn. 
Monty Goldin, Consultant Pharmacist


For me, the best things about this show are the opportunities to hear about what’s going on strategically in the next three to five years and to meet colleagues face to face. Building connectivity across the pharmacy workforce would be very difficult without an event like this. 
Matthew Elswood, Chief Pharmacist, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust


This event gets everybody in one place to see where pharmacy is going. It’s useful to see what other people are doing and how we can learn from them, and for getting new contacts.
Kirandeep Bhogal, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust


It’s my first time here and the networking has been great. I’ve learnt things here too; the sessions are a good trigger for going away and learning more about a topic.
Tony Carson, Pharmaceutical Advisor, NHS England


There’s a choice of sessions here for whatever branch of pharmacy you are in. The leadership sessions are particularly good. It’s been inspiring to see what other people are doing and see how you can apply that to your own work. Very motivational.
Anne Kinnear, Principal Pharmacist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh


This show is hugely beneficial for sharing knowledge and experiences. I’ve been to all of them and the breadth of presentations is better than ever. The networking is great too. A very valuable event. 
Dr Richard Needle BPharm PhD CHSM FRPharmS, Chief Pharmacist, Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust


There’s always something you can pick at this congress. Quite often I come here with an issue and over the course of the event I find someone who has a solution. This saves me a lot of work, time and stress and ultimately benefits patients.
Jodine Fec, Lead Pharmacist, Powys Teaching Health Board 


This is a good opportunity to get people networking and sharing expertise as a profession; we don’t have many national forums to do that.  It’s useful to have conversations with industry too – they can provide helpful information and you can make some useful contacts. 
Simon Matthews, Lead Gastrointestinal Cancer Pharmacist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust


This show really benefits me. I get more knowledge of clinical topics and it helps me to get a better idea of wider issues. The sessions are a good incentive to go away and do some further reading.
Nutan Shah, Pharmacy Technician


The value of this congress is that it brings together a large number of people with a shared interest and gets them to reflect on patient care and what they can do in day to day practice to improve patient care. 
Sharron Gordon IP FFRPS MRPharmS, Consultant Pharmacist Anticoagulation, Hampshire Hospitals NHS FT


I come here to get my CPD – you can fulfil most of your CPD for the year in just two days. I’m especially interested in anything new. This event is pretty leading edge; you get experts speaking here and sometimes ahead of published work. It gives me more confidence when dealing with clients. 
Paul Machon, Community Pharmacist


I really like getting everyone together at a big event like this. Time is precious and you don’t get opportunities to hear from experienced speakers and to network on this scale at other events. 
Dir Kieran Hand FRPharmS, Consultant Pharmacist – Anti-infectives, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust


I come here to showcase the best practice that is happening and needs to be upscaled. It’s a great place to make people aware of innovation. There’s real diversity in the audience and the bite-sized chunks of education really works. Very valuable 
Aamer Safdar BPharm (Hons) MSc PGCE MA FHEA FFRPS MRPharmS, Principal Pharmacist Lead for Education and Development, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust


It’s my first time here and I think it’s a fantastic event. It’s the ideal place to share with colleagues from different specialities. I’ve never had the opportunity to look at such a wide range of products and services in one day at one event. 
Neil Hartman BPharm MSC PhD, UK Radiopharmacy Group Committee, Head of Radiopharmacy, Barts Health NHS Trust


This is fantastic. We don’t have anything else like this where so many people come together. It’s a great opportunity to meet other people and to get the latest clinical training. 
Karen Wragg MRPharmS, Regional Manager South Central, Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education


This is a very good event. There’s a real mix of topics here and a lot of expertise on offer. I’m amazed at how many pharmacists stay to listen to the last sessions of the day!   
Jackie Eastwood, BSc(Hons) GPhC, Outsourced Medicines Co-ordinator London Region, London Pharmacy Procurement

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