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Best Kept Secret: The Value of Clinical Homecare to the NHS, Patients and Society

11 May 2024
Clinical Theatre
Best Kept Secret: The Value of Clinical Homecare to the NHS, Patients and Society

This session will discuss a new report which describes the value of Clinical Homecare in the UK. The session will detail the enormous value to the NHS, Patients and Society but only when the NHS and Clinical Homecare providers work effectively together, driving better patient experience, outcomes and access to services. 

Clinical Homecare remains absent from the NHS’ longterm planning, while newer unproven models of care are positioned as the solution to established challenges. The recent House of Lords inquiry highlighted the need for a better understanding of the industry from senior responsible stakeholders in the NHS, DHSC, CQC and more. This includes the strategic opportunity of Clinical Homecare, and the specific detail of how it is contracted, funded, and delivered.

This new report will help to answer some of these questions, providing a clear view ‘under the hood’ of the industry and highlighting the value it brings to patients, to the NHS, and to society at large.

The session will also include the findings of an objective patient survey, helping to understand and articulate the impact Clinical Homecare has on people’s lives. The session includes clear recommendations to all parties, which aim to lead to further industry development and improvement.

The finding of this report acts as a rallying call to the parties involved. If we can bring together the NHS, the pharmaceutical industry, Clinical Homecare providers, and patients, united around a shared understanding and strategic view, then the opportunity is significant.

Brian Duggan, General Manager - Polar Speed
Chris Carver, Deputy Chief Executive, HealthNet Homecare and Treasurer, NCHA

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