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As an exhibitor at The Clinical Pharmacy Congress, we know how important it is to make the most of your time on the show floor. To ensure The Clinical Pharmacy Congress creates as many leads as possible for you, we hold regular Exhibitor Clinics. Our free training sessions are for those new to exhibiting and even for companies who have been exhibiting for years, but want a fresh take on drumming up new business at trade shows.
Presented by Task Force 2 - experts in the trade show industry - the Exhibitor Clinic takes you through exactly what works and what doesn’t, strips away all the gimmicks and provides a fresh way of making your exhibition time work for you.
Our in-house marketing team will show you how to use your pre-show time to create a buzz around your stand. Using our publicity guides, social networking sites, newspapers, personalised emails and direct mail, we can provide a bespoke PR service to drive delegate numbers to your stand.

Watch the latest video footage of the training for hints and tips on:

how to qualify prospects on an exhibition stand - click here
what works on exhibition stands and what doesn't - click here
the benefits of using pre-show marketing tools to make your exhibition experience a success - click here

You may also want to read through the Top 10 “Must ask” Questions for Trade Show Exhibitors to ensure you get the most out of any exhibitions/events that you may attend in future.