Accelerating team scope of competence seamlessly

Accelerating team scope of competence seamlessly

The most stressful thing about being in general practice is managing GP expectations, patient expectations, and of course, those of your fellow MDT team members.

At Soar Beyond, we have extensive experience of supporting clinical pharmacists on their own development journey and we know the challenges you face in running your clinical services alongside your personal development needs.

That's why Soar Beyond has a variety of digital solutions - all of which have been borne from our own heritage, as pharmacists working in general practice and at system level:

  • i2i Network – this is long-term condition training, delivered digitally through the i2i Network platform. This covers over 15 therapy areas, everything from AF to lipid management, menopause, and many others.


  • The SMART Workforce platform – our pioneering digital solution that supports the upskilling of any clinical or non-clinical role and has been thoughtfully crafted in light of both topical pharmacist challenges as well as our own experiences delivering clinical pharmacist services. SMART is widely being used in primary care networks and also secondary care settings in specialist areas.


Find out more about how Soar Beyond could reduce your stress, help you fulfil your full potential and support your leadership and development journey as a pharmacist.