08 Mar 2021

Aspiring Pharmacy Leaders Programme ' How it all began with Anisha Soni

Aspiring Pharmacy Leaders Programme ' How it all began with Anisha Soni

CPC Live! 2021 is proud to host an evening of the Aspiring Pharmacy Leaders Programme virtually this May. Now it's time to meet the founder of the initiative, the curtain is up for: Anisha Soni.

Anisha founded the Aspiring Pharmacy Leaders programme to pay forward leadership experiences to junior pharmacy professionals aspiring to become leaders or those who wish to assimilate leadership knowledge early in their careers.

Anisha is a Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow, based at NHS England and NHS Improvement. Prior to this Anisha worked as a lead cardiothoracic critical care pharmacist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and as a teaching fellow at the University of Reading.

When it comes to leadership, Anisha is passionate about sharing the exposure of leadership journeys and skills with early career pharmacists so that they too feel empowered and inspired to positively shape the delivery and vision of health care. Beyond leadership and mentorship, Anisha is also passionate about the intersection between pharmacy and public health, cardiac medicine, and painting.

What does Anisha want other women in the industry to know?

  • Turn your tribulations into an opportunity to show grace and might

  • Your values are the one constant in all the work that you do

  • Work-life balance is so important in bringing your best self to work, I am still trying to manage this!

Find our more about the Anisha Soni and her team'at'www.pharmacyleaders.org.