CPPE: skills for life 

CPPE: skills for life 

At the Centre for Postgraduate Pharmacy Education, we help line pharmacy professionals up for a career that benefits themselves, society, and their local community. CPPE believes in equipping the pharmacy workforce for present and future challenges, which may, during your career, cause you to feel stressed. 

It’s worth remembering that, without some stress, we might get very little done. Unfortunately, you can neither cure nor delete stress. You have to manage it. 


So, what can CPPE do for you to help you manage stress? 

CPPE has a range of guides on stress, its sources, and the habits you can use to stay on top of them. We can help you de-stress, overcome your anxiety, manage your time, stay resilient (despite everything), and maintain a healthy balance between your work and everything else. We also have an online course on life skills to help you reflect on your personal skill set and identify how you can develop a range of life skills to help you reach your full potential. By engaging with the learning on offer at CPPE, you will develop the skills to manage stress better and, at the same time, support your wellbeing.


You’re not alone. And neither are we. 

For support from people who understand the stressors particular to pharmacy, you can turn to the charity Pharmacist Support and to the Association for Pharmacy Technicians UK. From practical advice on money management to something as simple as a helpline with a kind ear on the other end, these organisations deepen the support that’s there for you to draw on. 

You and I are only human, but therein lies our ability to learn, reach out for support and – as best we can – return that support in kind. 


Angus Stewart, CPPE, deputy editor