04 May 2022

Drugs Audit platform delivers instant efficiency improvements

Drugs Audit platform delivers instant efficiency improvements
A new, innovative software platform is transforming medication audits for hospital pharmacy teams

Developed with respected NHS pharmacists, Drugs Audit has been created to address the wide range of challenges facing pharmacy teams when it comes to medication audits.  

The web-based platform improves the quality of audit information, reduces manual administration and provides immediate insight through our dashboards, powered by Microsoft PowerBI*.  With Drugs Audit all audit data is available at the push of a button.

From Controlled Drugs and Medication Safety audits to FP10, Oxygen and Temperature audits, we can digitise them all, improving process for you and freeing your team to focus on patient care.

Designed to be easy to use, the audits can be accessed from any device and include a range of clever features to ensure you capture accurate information.  In an era where smartphones and tablets on wards are a normal way of practice, this improved process becomes the norm very quickly.  With instant results the old pain that came with drugs audits will be gone immediately. 


“For us, working with Drugs Audit is so refreshing.  The platform is perfect for our needs and it does exactly what you promised.  More importantly, you are nothing like other software providers, you are always there for us, responsive to our needs and you really do care, this makes all the difference for us”
Poureya Aghakani, Chief Pharmacist, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust


Making medication audits fit for the future

Controlled drugs and other medication audits are essential but, in most cases, extremely inefficient.  Drugs Audit can save you and your teams a significant amount of time through simple process improvements.

Through no fault of the excellent pharmacy teams, the current process for carrying out audits is deeply flawed in many locations.  With no set process and a wide variety of policies feeding the audit standards, it’s hard to do anything in any way other than the way it has always been done.  The frustrations are real and felt every day by clinical pharmacy teams.  Where we have implemented drugs audit the impact is almost instant, as shown by the comment below form one of our partners:


“I absolutely love Drugs Audit! I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how much time it will save due to all the different reports being generated automatically!”
Deepali Oza, Project Lead, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust 


The introduction of Drugs Audit removes most challenges and barriers to compliance instantly.

Want to hear more about Drugs Audit?

Find more information on our website www.drugsaudit.com or if you want to see for yourself register for a demonstration of the platform here https://www.drugsaudit.com/cpc

If you are visiting CPC we would love to see you! We can be found on stand F66.




*Microsoft, PowerBI are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.”