06 Aug 2020

MMS and Pharmacy Automation is Easing the Pressure during COVID-19

MMS and Pharmacy Automation is Easing the Pressure during COVID-19

BD, a leading global medical technology company, has seen a 30 per cent increase in the demand for medication flowing through its Rowa' Vmax automated dispensing system across the UK and Ireland. Its solution is used by the majority of trusts daily, speeding up medication management and limiting infection risk.

COVID-19 has placed the NHS under immense pressure. Adhering to the Government's mandate in March for all trusts to 'free-up maximum possible inpatient and critical care capacity'*1 placed a huge burden on the NHS to manage discharge medications in a short timeframe. This is coupled with many pharmaceutical organisations needing to apply quota restrictions on medications. There is also a surge in the need for certain drugs, for patients fighting not only COVID-19 but also pre-existing conditions. The demand on central pharmacy is high.

With this demand and additional pressure, the need to maximise efficiencies, inventory, visibility and accuracy of medication management is vital. Rowa' Vmax works by optimising stock through an automated, robotic, workflow. This saves our customers up to 80 per cent in efficiencies, >65 per cent in space utilisation and improved visibility of stock. FMD compliant, the automated process checks all medication barcodes, as well as expiry dates and split pack volumes. The technology also means the manual handling of SKUs is minimal, lowering the risk of infection spreading and therefore fully supports social distancing measures.

'With the global COVID-19 pandemic, we're doing our utmost to support the requirements across the medical industry. From supplying our diagnostic and testing equipment, through to rapidly deploying infusion pumps. We're providing the right tech that improves medication management and safety for both the NHS and patient,' commented Kevin Dand, country business leader ' MMS UKI, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD).

'MMS teams have received feedback on how Rowa' Vmax is aiding the effort and is helping trusts go one step beyond purely automating medication. If staff have been redeployed, our system means the pharmacy can remain operational 24/7, and ensures medication is dispensed to the ward reliably,' Dand continued. '

'It's true to say that the vast majority of Coronavirus patients treated in major hospitals across the UK and Ireland, will be served by BD Rowa' Vmax systems. Backed up by our teams, we're honoured to keep med supply working reliably at a time when the NHS needs it the most,' said Chris Corcoran, GCS senior manager ' BD Rowa' Technologies ' UKI, FR, ANZ, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD).

Many trusts have complimented the use of Rowa' Vmax in the central pharmacy with Pyxis' MedStation ES at ward level. This enables clinicians to manage stock and have secure access, as well as ensuring the patient receives the right drug, right dose, at the right time. The connection between the two also increases visibility of stock and ensures the supply is kept up and running.'