06 Apr 2022

NAWP uses IWD to promote gender-equality in the workplace

NAWP uses IWD to promote gender-equality in the workplace
To mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, last month NAWP hosted an online event to #BreakTheBias and promote a gender-equal pharmacy workplace.

To mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, the National Association of Women Pharmacists (NAWP) hosted an online event last month to #BreakTheBias and promote a gender-equal pharmacy workplace.

IWD takes place every year on 8 March. In the third PDA NAWP IWD event, hosted by NAWP President Naina Chotai, there was an informative panel of speakers who each shared their thoughts and experiences of facing bias within pharmacy. 

Speakers including Elsy Gomez Campos, President of the PDA BAME Network, Ayah Abbas, NAWP Committee Member and Lauren Keatley-Hayes, Vice-President of the PDA LGBT+ Network, discussed issues such as how to challenge bias in the workplace, how social media can be a powerful tool in educating others and encouraging open conversation, and breaking myths around gender in the workplace.

During the online event, NAWP Vice-President Daniela Rusalim also delivered an educational and well-received presentation on equal pay and highlighted the importance of having a male comparator.

NAWP was honoured to host Nadia Bukhari, Associate Professor at University College London (UCL) and Global Lead on Gender Equity at the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). Nadia joined the panel to share her personal experience and tips, with a focus on the bias faced by South Asian women in today’s world. Nadia encouraged PDA members to remember that, “You can have a choice and a voice.”

Lauren Keatley-Hayes, Vice-President of the PDA LGBT+ Network said, “It is unfortunate that bias and discrimination is still so rampant, but it was inspiring to listen to those who had overcome. We have a lot to learn from one another and a lot of shared experiences that we can use to raise awareness for the betterment of our colleagues and patients.”

All PDA Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Networks welcome allies to attend their events. Siddiqur Rahman, Primary Care Pharmacist and PDA Regional Committee Member said, “I definitely learnt a lot about the many different challenges faced by my female colleagues, and it was very useful to be made aware of this as a male pharmacist. I am hoping that the pharmacy sector will #BreakTheBias around the Gender Pay Gap – the use of a male comparator needs to be highlighted more in pharmacy.”

The PDA NAWP Network was proud to develop and host this event and look forward to continuing to highlight issues facing women in pharmacy.

Farzana Haq, Senior Practice Pharmacist and PDA Rep said, “NAWP events are worthwhile to attend because you always learn something new and meet colleagues you’ve never come across before, with networking opportunities. At this IWD2022 event, I was unexpectedly inspired by the speakers and felt motivated by their career journeys.”


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