06 Apr 2022

PrescQIPP learning resources

PrescQIPP learning resources
PrescQIPP provides a number of learning resources that will help improve your knowledge and skills to optimise medicines for your patients in primary or secondary care and whether at an ICS or PCN/practice level, including webinars, skills training and e-learning courses.

Who we are
We started as a QIPP workstream in the NHS 11 years ago, and having successfully grown, in 2016 became a Community Interest Company (an independent social enterprise) that operates on a not for profit basis for the benefit of NHS patients and commissioners. We are solely funded by the NHS for the NHS.

What we provide
As well as providing evidence based bulletins, briefings and implementation tools on medicines optimisation priorities for use in practice, we recognise that health and social care professionals also need information to improve their own knowledge and skills in these clinical areas. As the NHS structures change and new roles emerge, we've developed and hosted several courses to help our subscribers gain new skills and knowledge on working within the medicines team, and  the wider NHS.


PrescQIPP Practice Plus
In April 2022 Practice Plus became part of the core subscription package. Practice Plus is a professional network to connect PCN and practice pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with each other and to the wider NHS. A monthly webinar led by Steve Williams, an experienced clinical practice pharmacist, covers key clinical and non-clinical topics with presentations from medical and pharmacy experts. Topics covered include a diabetes update, antimicrobial stewardship, dealing with chronic pain in structured medication reviews and an electronic medication review toolkit for care homes. An on-line resource centre includes how to access and use prescribing data to help structured medication review patient selection. A closed discussion forum enables the sharing of good practice, innovation and problem solving with clinical peers. https://practiceplus.prescqipp.info/


Who can use our resources
Whilst PrescQIPP originally developed e-learning courses for primary care, they are now designed for use across all health and care settings and any healthcare professional can register and access the e-learning platform. Individuals can buy access codes on a pay-per-use basis on our webstore (our courses are typically £10 - £15 each) - https://www.prescqipp.info/learning/pay-per-use/

PrescQIPP subscribers can purchase licences to the clinical e-learning courses in blocks of 50 for medicines optimisation team members, GP practice staff and care providers. Subscribers also have the opportunity to purchase workshops (delivered in person or virtually) to cover clinical topics as well as freely access the NHS skills courses, webinars and leadership training.


Types of resources and Key areas

All our high quality e-learning courses are written by pharmacists and other subject experts. PrescQIPP is a Skills for Care Endorsed Provider, all the e-learning courses are CPD accredited and several also carry a NICE endorsement statement.

Our clinical portfolio currently includes – anticholinergic burden, anticoagulation, asthma, chronic heart failure, dependence forming medications, optimising medicines for adults with type 2 diabetes, polypharmacy and deprescribing and reducing opioid prescribing in chronic pain.

We also offer an e-learning course for practice medicines co-ordinators which is specifically for non-clinical staff in GP surgeries that manage the repeat prescribing process. For people working in community and social care we have three courses on medicines use in care homes and two courses on managing medicines for adults receiving social care in the community.

Access to the two courses on managing medicines for adults receiving social care in the community are included in the 22/23 PrescQIPP subscription and available free of charge


Face2Face workshops
The workshops enable healthcare professionals to get together to update their clinical knowledge, be aware of the latest national guidance, network with colleagues and consider local implementation to support best practice and patient care We can also offer virtual workshops as an alternative to the Face2Face format. Available workshop topics include anticoagulation, dependence forming medications, information mastery, lipid modification, polypharmacy and deprescribing,type 2 diabetes and Asthma


Skills courses
The wide range of skills courses available generally cover non-clinical topics, including – behavioural change, budget setting, business case training, dealing with conflict, Excel training, engaging and influencing clinicians to change practice, GP clinical systems training (EMIS, TPP, Vision), marketing yourself and your medicines optimisation service, risk management and writing winning tenders. The courses consist of 2-5 parts which are viewed as recorded webinars on the website and can be completed at a time convenient to you.


Skills webinars
To complement our skills courses, we've run many one-off webinars covering key areas including - antimicrobial stewardship during the COVID-19 pandemic, critical appraisal skills, ePACT data, electronic repeat dispensing using different GP systems, mentoring, safer use of controlled drugs and understanding contracts and tenders.


PrescQIPP Leadership Academy

The NHS People Plan lists leadership, compassion, and improvement as the three of the principles for success. We are helping to develop leaders through three programmes:

  • Leadership at lunch – 12 one hour sessions delivered 1-2pm, one per month. Open to all members of the PrescQIPP community including pharmacy technicians and practice/PCN based pharmacists, the topics include leadership styles, managing change, assertive influence, delegation, motivation and communication.
  • PrescQIPP Leadership Academy intensive - a bespoke leadership course for senior pharmacists/technicians in, or seeking leadership positions with, Health Boards or at a CCG  or PCN level. It involves six three-hour sessions delivered virtually and focuses on developing and implementing the key skills and qualities required for compassionate leadership within a medicines optimisation context.
  • IPMO Leadership Connect - a bespoke leadership development course comprising of four masterclass sessions covering system leadership and complex relationships, networking and strategic influence across systems, transformational change, improvement, and co-production, and two action learning set/leadership circles to work through shared professional challenges based on real life scenarios

In addition, a new virtual network for IPMO leads that will convene approximately every eight weeks to discuss shared issues and challenges in a supportive and confidential environment and will be open to all the wider senior system leaders.


Find out more
Visit the PrescQIPP website to find out more about the learning resources that are available - https://www.prescqipp.info/learning/