05 Nov 2021

Reflections on the Clinical Pharmacy Congress Awards 2021

Reflections on the Clinical Pharmacy Congress Awards 2021

A big congratulations to our winners of this year's CPC Awards.

These awards looked to celebrate and acknowledge successful individuals within the pharmacy profession. We were delighted to be able to recognise all sectors of clinical pharmacy through these awards which were open to any qualified pharmacy professional irrespective of career level.

'Join us in celebrating sector success! We've asked our winners to reflect on their experience we wish them all the best for their future journey.'


Nabila'I have been invited to share my thoughts on the award I gratefully received.'

To help share my thoughts, I'd like to reflect on Pharmacists as a group. Pharmacists make interventions on a daily basis which have a huge impact on patients and we often undersell ourselves. I made a conscious decision a number of years ago to start challenging this narrative. The start of this journey was sharing more of what we do as Pharmacists at Babylon. I am fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible group of Pharmacists who are passionate about making a difference, so the results really speak for themselves.'

The opportunity to showcase work via a medium like the Clinical Pharmacy Congress makes a huge difference. Recognition is a huge motivation for the team. When you are working at the very boundaries of the capabilities of a Pharmacist it is also hugely reassuring. I hope it helps inspire other Pharmacy colleagues not to be afraid of the unknown and embrace change.'''

It also speaks to inclusion and diversity. By selecting a nominee from a non-traditional role. I hope this again inspires others to bring their authentic self to work, express their views and opinions in a constructive and positive way to help improve patient outcomes. Thank you to the panel at the CPC for selecting me for this, and a huge thanks to the team at Babylon. Without your persistence, tenacity, positivity, and drive, none of this would be possible.' Nabila Chaudhri MrPharmS,'Babylon Health and Winner of the Excellence in Clinical Leadership


Beth'I was delighted that our CPD course run in partnership with the RCGP and CPPE providing clinical consultation and assessment skills to all community pharmacists across England was recognised at Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2021. Due to COVID-19, workshops were converted to an interactive digital course, launched in October 2020.

The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service was launched by NHS England and Improvement to progress the integration of community pharmacy into local NHS urgent care services, and the training enables community pharmacists to be confident in delivering clinical consultations and assessments. The award recognised the excellence of the training and demonstrated the vital work that community pharmacists are doing on a daily basis, as well as raising the profile of the NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service.

The training outcomes have been hugely positive. 89% of learners report feeling more confident using the skills developed during the course compared to before, and 75% felt more confident building new or enhancing existing relationships across primary care. The CPC Award has recognised this and built further confidence in the training amongst our intended audience', Beth Ward on Behalf of'RPS, RCGP and CPPE