20 Jun 2022

Thank you for joining us

Thank you for joining us

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and visited us at this year's Clinical Pharmacy Congress in London last month.

We were very proud and happy to talk to our customers about our newly registered Vitamin C high-dose infusion 7.5 g.

It is indicated for the treatment of clinical vitamin C deficiency states not amenable to dietary supply or oral replacement therapy [1].

Vitamin C deficiency may be present in infections such as pneumonia and COVID-19 [4,5], in chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis [6], cancer types such as gastrointestinal, lung, brain, breast, urogenital and haemopoietic cancers [7], pre- and post-surgical conditions, such as cardiovascular, orthopaedic and gastrointestinal surgery [8,9,10,11]. Post herpetic neuralgia [12], critically ill patients with or without sepsis/septic shock [13], neuronal disorders such as depression [14].

It is clinically proven that higher plasma concentrations can be achieved after intravenous vitamin C vs oral administration [2]. The infusion is generally well tolerated, can be stored at room temperature, contains no preservatives and is made in Germany [3].



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