12 Apr 2021

Top 3 Tips to Help Combat Stress from Harpreet Chana

Top 3 Tips to Help Combat Stress from Harpreet Chana

Do a brain dump.''

We'wouldn't'dream of working in a cluttered workspace because of the effect it has on'our concentration,'yet we work with a cluttered mind all the time!''

A brain dump can help with'decluttering your mind.'So, I want you to take a piece of paper and jot down everything that is on your mind at the moment. Get it all out!'As a list or a mind map, whatever works best for you.''

Next, I want you to take a big black marker and cross through anything that you are worried about that is outside of your control. You see, we spend so much time worrying about things that we cannot hope to change or control. And these are the things that we need to let go as we waste so much time and energy on them.'So, this exercise is great for that.? As you strike through each item, say to yourself I am choosing to let [insert'your'item here] go and really mean it.

Organise your to-do list'

Okay so, look at what you'now'have left on your list. These should'only'be the things that you can'actually change'and control. Some of these will be a priority and some of them'won't. Go through each item that is left on your page and put a''U''next to it if it is urgent and an''I''next to it if it is important. Some items will have'both'a U and I'and some will have nothing.'

Prioritise these items in this'way:

  • A'actions'-'any items that have both letters should be'ACTIONED'immediately. These are'your A items and'the things that should be on your to-do list'for today.''
  • B actions'- for those things that'have an I'but'don't'have a'U, these need to be'pushed'BACK and'scheduled into your calendar to be done at a later date.'These are your B items.'
  • C actions'- for those'items that have only a U but no I,'you need to'CHOOSE'whether you do them'as these are time-wasting tasks.'Ask yourself, do I really need to be doing these?'Can'I delegate them to somebody else? Because, if they are not important to you, chances are you'shouldn't'be doing it in the first place!'These are your C items'
  • D actions'-'And then finally, if you have things that have neither letter, these are the items that you need to'DROP.?You really'shouldn't'be doing these!'These are your D items.''

Organising your to-do list in this way can be'really helpful'in'minimising'stress'because you aren't forgetting anything and'are only focusing on those activities that'you really need to do.'You can access a free 'Prioritise Your'To-Do List Planner' to help you do this'on a daily basis'here.'

Plan in regular self-care'

Self-care is a buzzword that we are all hearing so much'at the moment! We all think we know what'self-care'is but actually in reality, many'of us'don't.'

Self-care'isn't'just looking after yourself and it definitely isn't selfish. Self-care is making the time and space to do an activity that'you'absolutely love to'do'and which helps'you'to flourish and not just function.''

There are things we do every day that we need to do in order to just function'e.g.'eat well, exercise, sleep etc but self-care helps us to be at our best and really thrive. And'it's'important in our roles inpatient care that we look after ourselves first so that we'can'help others. So, think of an activity that you love to do, which you might not have done for some time'or'tell yourself you'don't'have time to do'and schedule it into your calendar. Make it a'non-negotiable'date with yourself and use that time to be'really present'in that activity and give it your full attention. I promise'you,'it will be worth it!'

Get to know Harpreet Chana

Harpreet ChanaHarpreet is a qualified pharmacist with 20 years'experience of working in hospital, community, primary'care'and national policy. She is also a certified professional coach and founded the'Mental Wealth Academy'in 2019, which helps pharmacy professionals and responsible organisations to strengthen their mental health by investing in their 'mental wealth'.'She runs regular free stress workshops for'pharmacists'and you can book a place on the next one'here.''