04 May 2022

Do you use, develop or authorise PGDs?

Do you use, develop or authorise PGDs?

If you do then read on
The NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) worked with colleagues in Health Education England, UKHSA and eLearning for Health (eLfH) to develop an eLearning programme on PGDs.  It’s aimed at all healthcare professionals and organisations who are considering, developing, authorising and using patient group directions (PGDs) to deliver healthcare services in line with legislation and NICE medicines practice guideline (MPG2).

How can I use the programme?
If you are working under PGDs or planning to work under them, then undertaking this eLearning course will give you a broad understanding of the legislation and guidance supporting appropriate and legal PGD use.  If your work involves developing and writing PGDs then the course will guide you through when PGDs should and should not be used and where other legal mechanisms would be more appropriate.  It will also give you an understanding of the governance arrangements that need to be in place within your organisation.

Where can I find the eLearning course?
The eLearning course is open access and can be found at: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/patient-group-directions/

What if I still have a question on PGDs?
The SPS website (https://www.sps.nhs.uk/) has a huge range of resources to support PGD use. Perhaps you want to know which Controlled Drugs can be supplied under a PGD or you want to know what the labelling requirements are for medicines supplied under a PGD, then check out our website to find out the answers.

How can I keep up to date with what is happening with PGDs?
Sign up to our website using your work email. If you opt in to receiving our regular newsletter then you will get our weekly update straight into your inbox.  If you can’t wait for the weekly mailing, then follow us on Twitter @NHS_SPS for regular news of all our new resources.