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Attracted to role of GP practice pharmacist?

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Attracted to role of GP practice pharmacist?

08 Mar 2017

Attracted to role of GP practice pharmacist?

Pharmacists from hospital or community settings are increasingly being drawn to GP practice pharmacy for a number of reasons. Work-life balance is often quoted as one of these reasons but, ultimately, it is the development and utilisation of your clinical and consultation skills that is the key driver.

The General Practice Forward View committed to a vision of funding 1,500 practice pharmacists by 2020, so the profession is already growing in both importance and scope

The types of responsibilities that a practice pharmacist can expect include:

  • Case management as part of the multi-disciplinary team
  • Running and managing long-term condition clinics
  • Streamlining the prescription journey
  • Helping with the discharge process and medicines reconciliation and queries
  • Conducting polypharmacy clinics

Inevitably, this means that there are training needs which have to be filled to support the transition to becoming successful as a practice pharmacist.

Soar Beyond has, therefore, created a unique FREE training and development network known as the i2i (insight to Implementation) Network, specifically for practice pharmacists, with downloadable tools & resources. We are, therefore, delighted to be running free taster workshops in a variety of clinical areas at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress in May - for both existing and aspiring practice pharmacists. By signing up to the workshops, you will also be eligible to join as a free member giving you access to these resources and future training workshops.

Sign up for one of these taster i2i Network sessions on therapy areas such as:

  • Type 2 Diabetes Management (supported by Napp & Janssen)
  • Medicines Optimisation Case Study in Dermatology (supported by Thornton & Ross )
  • and other long term conditions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your knowledge and share experiences on how to overcome challenges in the role by signing up to the i2i Networks taster sessions here. All workshops are non-promotional and are made possible by sponsorship by our partners.



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