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Have you dealt with a challenging case or scenario in practice recently?

Have you dealt with a challenging case or scenario in practice recently?

07 Feb 2017

Have you dealt with a challenging case or scenario in practice recently?

Would you like an opportunity to discuss this with an experienced pharmacy colleague in a supportive environment?

Would you also like this to count towards your GPhC CPD, or your Foundation or Faculty portfolio?

Come along to hear our experts share their experiences and knowledge with you, you will also be able to book yourself a free discussion with an experienced pharmacy colleague.


What does the discussion involve?

The aim of the discussion (often called a case based discussion, because it focusses on a specific case, project or scenario) is that it is a supportive discussion between you and a peer. It is not an exam - you cannot pass or fail. You will be able to share your experience and receive advice on how to develop yourself.

The discussion will last between 15 and 25 minutes. We will match you with a RPS-approved pharmacy colleague with whom you can discuss a case, project or initiative you’ve been involved with. You can choose what you would like to discuss. This could be clinical or patient facing, or it might be non clinical, perhaps a service improvement initiative or a scenario involving leadership or management.


What are the benefits to me?

The discussion will allow you to demonstrate your strengths and achievements and identify areas where you could develop further, in a relaxed and supportive environment. The topic or case you wish to discuss is entirely up to you.

The key points of the discussion are captured by your RPS peer on a form which you can then submit as evidence for your GPhC CPD. You can also use the form for your RPS Foundation or Faculty portfolio.


OK, I’m interested, what do I do now?

If you would like to book a discussion, please contact rpsfaculty@rpharms.com, stating your area of practice (generalist, or if you practice in a specialist area) and stage of practice (Foundation or Faculty).

I’m preparing to submit for the RPS Faculty. I already have some peer discussions and practice assessments. Can I do my final assessment at Clinical Pharmacy Congress?

Yes, of course. If you are preparing for RPS Faculty submission and are between 2-10 years qualified, or you are a Faculty member or Fellow submitting for the second time, you will need to undertake a REPP (Record of Expert Professional Practice) assessment.

This ‘assessment’ is a meeting with an experienced professional from your area of practice (generalist or specialist). You will have a discussion about your practice, based on a collection of practice based assessments or peer discussions (case based discussions, for example) that you have compiled over a period of time.

You will need to bring along at least two discussions or practice assessments that you have already completed with a RPS recognised peer, either in the workplace or at learning events.

The REPP Assessor will capture key points from your discussion on a REPP form and submit this to the RPS Faculty on your behalf. The REPP discussion will last for between 30 to 45 minutes.

If you wish, you could have a peer discussion (case based discussion) followed by a REPP meeting at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress – we can arrange this for you.

If you would like to book a case discussion and/or a REPP meeting, please contact

rpsfaculty@rpharms.com, stating your area of practice (generalist, or if you practice in a specialist area).

I would love to support a pharmacy colleague and help them to identify areas where they can develop further, can I help?

Of course! If you meet the criteria listed below, we would love to pair you up with a pharmacy colleague. They will really benefit from your experience, and we know that the discussion can be valuable and enjoyable for both individuals. The benefits to you are that you gain experience from an educational point of view, and this can count towards your Faculty portfolio.

If you are interested in being a practice based assessor and you meet the following criteria, please email rpsfaculty@rpharms.com, stating your area of practice (generalist, or if you practice in a specialist area).

¨ You are a member of the RPS

¨ You are beyond your Foundation years (that is, you have been qualified and practising for more than 1000 days)

¨ You have at least three years’ experience in practice

¨ You have an understanding of the practice based assessment tools and processes (see below for links to RPS guidance and support. We will ask you to declare that you understand the process)

¨ Ideally, you are on your Faculty journey, or are already a Faculty member.


More information and downloads:


More information and videos on what a case based discussion looks like


Case based discussion form for Foundation level practitioners


Case based discussion form for Faculty level practitioners


More information on the Record of Expert Professional Practice (REPP) meeting


Record of Expert Professional Practice assessment form


More information on the RPS Foundation Programme


More information on the RPS Faculty Programme



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