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APTUK are offering our members a free health & wellbeing support webinar 3rd June 2020 7-8pm. To find out more details & book a place on the webinar please log into the members news area of the website.


Great opportunity to join the London Region as the Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer and Medication Safety Officer. Work with a fantastic team to ensure the safe and effective care of patients across the capital! https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/xi/vacancy/916051847


Maintaining anticoagulation efficacy and safety during the COVID-19 crises, should I be switching my warfarin to a DOAC? https://pccsuk.org/2020/en/page/covid-19-online-learning-bites


Ed Waller and Dr Nikki Kanani provide  primary care colleagues with regular updates from  NHSEngland on the ongoing COVID-19 situation, make sure you sign up to receive yours https://bit.ly/2RLsDCQ


Dr Jim Moore, PCCS President. COVID-19 and CV Management Series – online learning bites series. Practical considerations around the diagnosis and management of patients with heart failure, during the COVID-19 crisis. https://pccsuk.org/2020/en/page/covid-19-online-learning-bites


Interesting infographic by the Pharmaceutical Journal showing 5 main approaches being taken to develop a vaccine against SARSCoV2.
1. Viral vector vaccine
2. DNA vaccine
3. RNA vaccine
4. Live-attenuated vaccine
5. Protein-based vaccine

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