Who Should Attend

If you are a registered pharmacist or pharmacy technician working in the NHS, private hospital, hospice, CCG, CSU, military or secure environments you should attend The Clinical Pharmacy Congress.

Who should attend?

  • Chief pharmacists, hospital and CCG 
  • Consultant & Specialist pharmacists
  • Prescribing & Independent pharmacists 
  • General practice pharmacists
  • General hospital pharmacists
  • Community clinical pharmacists & superintendents
  • Hospital pharmacy technicians
  • CCG pharmacists and pharmacy technicians 
  • Medicines management and optimisation team
  • Medicines information pharmacists
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and Aseptic Services
  • Formulary decision-makers; Drug & Therapeutic Committee members
  •  Pharmaceutical advisors
  • Commissioning leads
  • Procurement leads
  • Pre-reg hospital pharmacists


If you are from outside the UK please contact Aden on 0207 348 1867 or email to discover how you can attend CPC 2017. 

Why Attend

The Clinical Pharmacy Congress is the largest gathering for the clinical pharmacy profession held in the UK. If you work in, or have an interest with clinical pharmacy - you need to be there!

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Why Exhibit

As everyone knows, nothing gets on to the formulary these days without the signature of the pharmacist. And if you want to sell equipment or technologies into a hospital dispensary – you will need to convince the pharmacists before going through the procurement process.

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