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Clinical Pharmacy Congress North is sponsored by the pharmaceutical and med tech industries via Grants, Sponsorship, and Exhibition packages. Pharmaceutical companies have solely provided sponsorship through the purchase of exhibition space and/or sponsored speaker sessions with no further input into the arrangements or agenda of the meeting. Sessions delivered with input from our sponsors will always be marked on the programme.

Clinical Pharmacy Congress North conference programme is brought to you by CloserStill Media Limited (Organisers of the event), in association with our partners and sponsors. The views and opinions of the speakers are not necessarily those of CloserStill Media Limited or of our partners and sponsors.

03 Nov 2023
  1. Strategy Theatre
    How SPS supports independent prescribing
    Helping pharmacy professionals to assimilate information and guidance about the use of medicines, and be able to apply it to the patient in front of them in order to optimise their care.
  2. Strategy Theatre
    ‘The Itch Puzzle’ - Discover The Key Pieces To Help Manage Eczema Related Pruritus.
    Learn more about how quality of life and in particular sleep is impacted by uncontrolled itch for those who suffer with eczema.Dr Gallard discusses what good eczema control should look like as well as ...
  3. Strategy Theatre
    The Importance of Prescribing and Discharging Low Molecular Weight Heparin By Brand Name
    A presentation which details the importance of why you should prescribe and discharge LMWH by brand name. Enoxaparin now has an originator biologic and three biosimilars and hospitals will choose a ma ...
  4. Strategy Theatre
    Managing the risk of Antimicrobial Resistance from conflict zones (lessons from the war in Ukraine)
    The Employed Pharmacists of Europe Federation (EPhEU) has been actively involved in getting vital medicines to Ukraine, alongside helping understand the risk of antimicrobial resistance caused by conf ...
  5. Strategy Theatre
    Do you feel supported? APTUK, CPPE and Pharmacist Support discuss the range of support and resources available for pharmacy professionals
  6. Strategy Theatre
    Pharma waste disposal to prevent environmental contamination - Working out patient understanding
    A quality improvement project to determine Trust-patient understanding of proper medicines disposal. Learning Outcomes: The project highlighted lack of knowledge around proper disposal of certain form ...
  7. Strategy Theatre
    Pharmacogenomics describes the study of genomic data to inform the safety and efficacy of medicines. This talk will outline ·        How pharmacogenomics can improve medicines optimisation and patient ...
  8. Strategy Theatre
    Parenteral Nutrition- food for all?
    Parenteral nutrition is not something that is limited to specialist centres or secondary care. With the ever changing patient population and surgical developments there is a growing population on home ...
  9. Strategy Theatre
    See synopsis
04 Nov 2023
  1. Strategy Theatre
    People with a learning disability are less likely than the general population to get and hold down a job. In the general population, 76% of people 16-64 are in paid work, whereas only 6% of adults wit ...
  2. Strategy Theatre
    The use and benefits of using elastomeric pumps:- Are elastomeric pumps green? - Where will the future of elastomeric pumps take us?- What are the hurdles that have been tackled on the journey?
  3. Strategy Theatre
    Applying the principles of sustainable healthcare to pharmacy practice (Pharmacy Declares)
    This session will explore what is meant by the term sustainable healthcare and why it is vital to future healthcare services. We will explore how sustainable healthcare provides quality clinical care ...
  4. Strategy Theatre
    Preparing to train as an independent prescriber
    An overview of our new programme developed to support pharmacists who are preparing to train as independent prescribers.

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