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Meet with thousands of clinical pharmacy professionals under one roof. 
We welcomed 3,089 unique attendees through our doors in 2019. 

As everyone knows, nothing gets on to the formulary these days without the signature of the pharmacist. And if you want to sell equipment or technologies into a hospital dispensary – you will need to convince the pharmacists before going through the procurement process.

Given demands on pharmacists’ time, getting in front of members of a hospital pharmacy team is increasingly difficult for any trade or supplier representative.

So don't miss out! CPC is your opportunity to get engage face-to-face with the clinical pharmacy sector. 


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Want more facts and figures? 

Request our CPC 2019 Post-Show Brochure to find out why CPC is vital to your organisation. 

The Clinical Pharmacy Congress has been created to maximise face-to-face time between delegates and exhibitors.

  • Theatres are built on the exhibition floor creating maximum footfall between seminars and stands
  • Strategic gaps are built into the seminar programme allowing delegate’s time on the show floor. In 2019 delegates were able to attend twelve seminars and still have eight hours to visit stands during the two-day event. This approach ensures that exhibitors have highly productive meetings and that the Congress is a true business platform.
  • We know how time out of the office seems daunting, but what is more productive than meeting face to face with your customers who have taken time out of their busy schedules to come and witness the latest innovations in clinical pharmacy.
  • Position yourself as the lead supplier to the largest gathering of clinical pharmacy professionals.

The exhibition floor is over 75% booked for 2020 so don't miss this unique opportunity to reach this lucrative but difficult to contact group of decision makers.

Call Laura on 02476 719681 or email l.shapiro@closerstillmedia.com


Always make sure you are booking with the correct event, industry related scams: http://www.aeo.org.uk/expoguide

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