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  • Aamer Safdar

    Aamer Safdar

    Principal Pharmacist Lead for Education and Development, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Adele Mott

    Adele Mott

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Aditya Aggarwal

    Aditya Aggarwal

    Pharmacist, Policy & Strategy Graduate, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Aiysha Saleemi

    Aiysha Saleemi

    Darzi Fellow , Health Innovation Network
  • Alan Nobbs

    Alan Nobbs

    Head of Practice and Design, NHS Leadership Academy
  • Alan Wilson

    Alan Wilson

    Clinical Pharmacist, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
  • Ali Stunt

    Ali Stunt

    Founder and Chief Executive, Pancreatic Cancer Action
  • Alia Gilani

    Alia Gilani

    Health Inequalities Pharmacist, Takeda UK Ltd
  • Alima Batchelor

    Alima Batchelor

    Head of Policy, PDA
  • Alison Beaney

    Alison Beaney

    Consultant Quality Assurance Pharmacist, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust
  • Alison Davies

    Alison Davies

    Managing Director , Pharmaxo
  • Alison Hemsworth

    Alison Hemsworth

    National Assistant Head of Primary Care Policy (Pharmacy), NHS England and NHS Improvement
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