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  • Melanie Dalby

    Melanie Dalby

    Macmillan Patient Experience and Engagement Lead for Cancer, Barts Health BOPA
  • Andrew Davies

    Andrew Davies

    Director of Hospital Pharmacy, NHS England & NHS Improvement
  • Dawn Davin

    Dawn Davin

    Nephrology Pharmacist, Tallaght University Hospital
  • Francine De Stoppelaar

    Francine De Stoppelaar

    Director of Pharmacy, Cleveland Clinic London
  • Stephen Doherty

    Stephen Doherty

    Advanced Practice Programme Lead, RPS
  • Amandeep Doll

    Amandeep Doll

    Head of Professional Belonging, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
  • Andrew Down

    Andrew Down

    Course Lead - Psych 1 & Psych 2, College of Mental Health Pharmacy
  • Ciara Duffy

    Ciara Duffy

    Eligible Qualified Person & Quality Assurance Pharmacist, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dipak Duggal

    Dipak Duggal

    Director, Medical Affairs, International Dispensing and Prep Tech, BD
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