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  • Mai Murhaba

    Mai Murhaba

    Pharmacist Branch Manager, Independent Prescriber, Global Traveller Extraordinaire
  • Mandy Matthews

    Mandy Matthews

    Commercial Development Pharmacist, Specialised Commissioning, NHS England
  • Mark Clymer

    Mark Clymer

    Clinical Fellow to CPPE director, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow, Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
  • Mark Koziol

    Mark Koziol

    Chairman, PDA
  • Matthew Towner

    Matthew Towner

    Chief Technician in Aseptic Services, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Michele Cossey

    Michele Cossey

    Regional Pharmacist (North) & Head of Clinical Strategy, NHS England
  • Michelle Mello

    Michelle Mello

    National Clinical Lead, Personalised Care Group, NHS RightCare
  • Mo Murhaba

    Mo Murhaba

    Pharmacist. Advanced Terminology Specialist
  • Mohammed Hussain

    Mohammed Hussain

    Senior Clinical Lead, NHS Digital
  • Muhammad Murhaba

    Muhammad Murhaba

    Co-developer and co-founder of The NHS Digital Academy, Advanced Terminology Specialist (Pharmacy)
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