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  • Reem Santos

    Reem Santos

    Lead antibiotic pharmacist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Reena Barai

    Reena Barai

    Community Pharmacy Contractor, NPA Board Member
  • Regan McCahill

    Regan McCahill

    President Elect, British Pharmaceutical Students Association
  • Richard Ashcroft

    Richard Ashcroft

    Programme Director, Digital Medicines, NHS Digital
  • Richard Bateman

    Richard Bateman

    Regional Pharmacy Procurement Specialist, NHS Commercial Solutions
  • Richard Cattell

    Richard Cattell

    Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Richard Goodman

    Richard Goodman

    Regional Pharmacist (London), NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Richard Griffith

    Richard Griffith

    Senior lecturer in Healthlaw, College of Human and Health Sciences Swansea University
  • Richard Seal

    Richard Seal

    Regional Pharmacist (Midlands and East) , NHS England and NHS Improveent
  • Rishi Gupta

    Rishi Gupta

    CMG Lead Pharmacist for Emergency Medicine , University Hospitals Of Leicester NHS Trust
  • Robin Conibere

    Robin Conibere

    PCPA Social Media Lead and Practice Pharmacist, Beacon Medical Group
  • Roger Fernandes

    Roger Fernandes

    Chief Pharmacist, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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