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  • Mark Taylor

    Mark Taylor

    Project Manager , University Hospitals Of Leicester NHS Trust
  • SP367
  • Amit Patel

    Amit Patel

    Respiratory Specialist Pharmacist and Pharmacist Development Lead , Ashburton Prescribing Consultants Ltd - GP Practices across Merseyside
  • Hannah Jebb
  • Roshni Patel

    Roshni Patel

    Senior Specialist Pharmacist Gastroenterology, St Mark’s Hospital
  • Nicole Magill

    Nicole Magill

    Current 4th Year Undergraduate, Queens University Belfast
  • Cate Whittlesea

    Cate Whittlesea

    Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Head of the Research Department of Practice and Policy and Associate Director of Clinical Education, UCL School of Pharmacy
  • Rahul Singal

    Rahul Singal

    Programme Lead / Associate Chief Pharmacist , South East London STP
  • Vishen Ramkisson

    Vishen Ramkisson

    Senior Clinical Lead – Product Development, NHS Digital
  • Alison Davies

    Alison Davies

    Managing Director , Pharmaxo
  • Anoushka Tepielow

    Anoushka Tepielow

    HRA Approval Manager – Technical Assurances, Health Research Authority
  • Angela Williams

    Angela Williams

    Stakeholder Engagement Manager, NHSBSA – NHS Pensions
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