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  • Ann Page

    Ann Page

    Leeds Teaching Hospitals
  • Ann Slee

    Ann Slee

    Associate CCIO (Medicines), NHS England
  • Anna Murphy

    Anna Murphy

    Consultant Respiratory Pharmacist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
  • Anna Prescott

    Anna Prescott

    Practice Pharmacist and Clinical Services Manager, Soar Beyond
  • Anna Robinson
  • Anne Black

    Anne Black

    Regional QA Specialist Pharmacist – North East and North Cumbria, Royal Victoria Infirmary
  • Anne Joshua

    Anne Joshua

    Head of Pharmacy Strategy, NHS England
  • Anoushka Tepielow

    Anoushka Tepielow

    HRA Approval Manager – Technical Assurances, Health Research Authority
  • Anuja Bathia

    Anuja Bathia

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow, NHS Improvement
  • Babir Malik

    Babir Malik

    Northern Lead, Green Light Campus
  • Bianca Glavin

    Bianca Glavin

    Senior Pharmacy Technician, medicines optimisation in care homes training pathway, CPPE
  • Brendon Jiang

    Brendon Jiang

    Vice Chair for Pain Group and Pharmacist Home Medication Review Project Lead, CLICK Federation
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