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  • Bhavana Reddy

    Bhavana Reddy

    Specialist Pharmacist Adviser at Medicines Diagnostics and Personalised Medicine Policy Team, NHS England
  • Bhulesh Vadher

    Bhulesh Vadher

    Researcher and Clinical Pharmacist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bobby Sandhu

    Bobby Sandhu

    Senior Practice Pharmacist, The Cedar Brook Practice
  • Brendan Moore

    Brendan Moore

    Clinical Pharmacy Development Lead , Western Health and Social Care Trust
  • Brendon Jiang

    Brendon Jiang

    Senior Clinical Pharmacist, CLICK Federation
  • Brian MacKenna

    Brian MacKenna

    Pharmacist, Islington CCG/NHS England
  • Brian Smith

    Brian Smith

    Chief Pharmacist, Supplier and Client Services, UK & Ireland, IQVIA
  • Bruce Warner

    Bruce Warner

    Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, NHS England
  • Candice Moore

    Candice Moore

    Programme Head, Digitising Community Pharmacy and Medicines, NHS Digital
  • Carl Shaw

    Carl Shaw

    Learning Disability Expert Adviser, NHS England
  • Carol Farrow

    Carol Farrow

    Clinical Director of Pharmacy Services at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Honorary Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and University of East Anglia
  • Catherine Edgeworth ( McKenzie)

    Catherine Edgeworth ( McKenzie)

    Clinical Academic Reader, Kings College London
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