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  • Cathy Cooke

    Cathy Cooke

    Pharmacy Manager, Emerson’s Green and Devizes Treatment Centres, Care UK
  • Cathy Kitney

    Cathy Kitney

    Lead Technician Satellite Liaison and Education + Training, Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • Ceinwen Mannall

    Ceinwen Mannall

    National Lead, Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice, Centre for Postgraduate Pharmacy Education
  • Cherise Gyimah

    Cherise Gyimah

    Care Homes Pharmacist, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Croydon CCG
  • Chris Cutts

    Chris Cutts

    Pharmacy Dean, Health Education England (North)
  • Chris Meddings

    Chris Meddings

    ICU Pharmacist, Guy's and St Thomas'
  • Christine Heading

    Christine Heading

    Associate Lecturer at the Open University, National Association of Women Pharmacists
  • Claire Ward

    Claire Ward

    Director of Public Affairs, The PDA
  • Clare Price Dowd

    Clare Price Dowd

    Senior Programme Lead, NHS Leadership Academy
  • Colette McCreedy

    Colette McCreedy

    Self-Medication Specialist and Unit Lead, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
  • Dan White

    Dan White

    Specialist Mental Health Pharmacist and CBT Psychotherapist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Danielle Stacey

    Danielle Stacey

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow, NHS England
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