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  • Emma Cramp

    Emma Cramp

    Advanced Specialist Antimicrobial Pharmacist, University hospitals of Leicester
  • Emma Davies

    Emma Davies

    Advanced Pharmacy Practitioner - Pain Management, Abertawe Bro Morgannwy University Healthboard
  • Emma Groves

    Emma Groves

    Clinical Pharmacist – Cancer services, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals
  • Emma McClay

    Emma McClay

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow, NICE
  • Ewan Maule

    Ewan Maule

    Deputy Chief Pharmacist - Operational Services, Omnicell and Northumberland Tyne and Wear Mental Health Trust
  • Faye Garrett

    Faye Garrett

    Aseptic Production Unit Manager, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Fintan Grant

    Fintan Grant

    Programme Head, NHS Digital
  • Fiona Chiu

    Fiona Chiu

    Associate Chief Pharmacist, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust NHS Foundation Trust
  • Francesca Hobbs

    Francesca Hobbs

    Communications Officer, Procurement and Logistics Department, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Frankie Wallace

    Frankie Wallace

    Supplier Engagement Lead - Scan4Safety, Department of Health and Social Care
  • Gabrielle Silver

    Gabrielle Silver

    General Manager, LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare  
  • Gail Fleming

    Gail Fleming

    Pharmacy Dean, London and the South East, Health Education England
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