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Clinical Pharmacy Congress is sponsored by the pharmaceutical and med tech industries via grants, sponsorship, and exhibition packages. Pharmaceutical companies have solely provided sponsorship through the purchase of exhibition space and/or sponsored speaker sessions with no further input into the arrangements or agenda of the meeting. Sessions delivered with input from our sponsors will always be marked on the programme.

A full list of confirmed sponsors for Clinical Pharmacy Congress is available here.

Clinical Pharmacy Congress conference programme is brought to you by CloserStill Media Limited (Organisers of the event), in association with our partners and sponsors. The views and opinions of the speakers are not necessarily those of CloserStill Media Limited or of our partners and sponsors.

10 May 2024
  1. Technical Services Theatre
    Leadership for pharmacy professionals - why me, why now?
  2. Technical Services Theatre
    A look at managing medicines shortages – an NHS England perspective
    This aim of this session is to give an overview of how medicines shortages are mitigated and managed on a national level. The session will give an overview of the medicines supply governance, and the ...
  3. Technical Services Theatre
    This session discusses the novel cross-sector training programme undertaken by Barts Health and London Ambulance NHS Trusts, which utilised NHSE's Workforce Expansion Programme to train future pharmac ...
  4. Technical Services Theatre
    The intergration of advanced clinical pharmacy technicians in cancer services
  5. Technical Services Theatre
  6. Technical Services Theatre
    Supporting PGD and Medicines Mechanisms use in practice
    Patient Group Directions and medicines mechanisms are widely used across all sectors of healthcare to support the safe and legal administration and supply of medicines. In this session Jo and Jen from ...
  7. Technical Services Theatre
    This session will explore historical approaches to recruitment and retention of staff in technical services, the current workforce challenges that are currently being faced and consider alternative ap ...
  8. Technical Services Theatre
11 May 2024
  1. Technical Services Theatre
    Patient disposal of pharmaceutical waste – a national study of habits
    All medicines should be returned to a pharmacy for proper disposal. This multi-site work researched if this actually happens and if formulation or source of medicine changed patient behaviours.
  2. Technical Services Theatre
    Gene Therapies – a developing story for pharmacy
    This session will discuss what gene therapies are and how they are evolving. It will give examples of gene therapies that include life changing GTMPs for rare disease with applications for both primar ...
  3. Technical Services Theatre
    Supporting Technical Services education
    An introduction in to the Science Manufacturing Technician and Science Manufacturing Process Operative programmes. This session will provide you with information on how this new educational opportunit ...
  4. Technical Services Theatre
    Public procurement is changing with a greater focus on sustainability and social value. We discuss how our NHS procurement hub is supporting the journey to net zero with focus on select examples inclu ...
  5. Technical Services Theatre
    Exploring the expanding role of pharmacy technicians and support staff. And introduction the PWDS Homecare Services - Prescription Validation and Clinical Screening programme
  6. Technical Services Theatre
    This presentation will cover our journey of skill mix within our acute hospital pharmacy during COVID and the impact of PCN roles locally in rural Herefordshire, focusing on pharmacy assistant develop ...
  7. Technical Services Theatre
    This session aims to explore the debate around the 1000 item final accuracy checking assessment standard, and what other factors may influence confidence and competence of pharmacy professionals under ...

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