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Clinical Pharmacy Congress is sponsored by the pharmaceutical and med tech industries via grants, sponsorship, and exhibition packages. Pharmaceutical companies have solely provided sponsorship through the purchase of exhibition space and/or sponsored speaker sessions with no further input into the arrangements or agenda of the meeting. Sessions delivered with input from our sponsors will always be marked on the programme.

A full list of confirmed sponsors for Clinical Pharmacy Congress is available here.

Clinical Pharmacy Congress conference programme is brought to you by CloserStill Media Limited (Organisers of the event), in association with our partners and sponsors. The views and opinions of the speakers are not necessarily those of CloserStill Media Limited or of our partners and sponsors.

10 May 2024
  1. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    Omission or delayed administration of critical medications has led to patient harm and in some cases patient death. As a result, the National Patient Safety Agency has issued patient safety alerts. All NHS organisations are expected to take actions in response to these alerts to improve the safety for patients taking these critical medications. We will discuss how we have responded to one such alert using innovative technology, and the challenges we have faced along the way.
  2. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    Smarter, Faster, Safer!
    Transforming hospital workflows and patient care with automated dispensing.
  3. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    Burnout in the Pharmacy: are digital systems a cure or a cause?
    Digital Health solutions are often regarded as the holy grail of efficiency, yet have you ever considered the impact of IT systems on the stress levels of hospital Pharmacy staff? Inadequate IT system ...
  4. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    Part One: Introducing the role Part Two: Exploring a patient journey Part Three: Envisioning future endeavours
  5. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    Excipients in medicines for children: are they safe?
  6. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    An overview on lipids, lipid lowering therapy, statin intolerance and how we run our pharmacist led service in Leeds.
  7. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    See above
11 May 2024
  1. Technology & Innovation Theatre
  2. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    The National Overprescribing report (2021) demonstrated that systemic and cultural changes are required to reduce overprescribing and inappropriate polypharmacy.  Polypharmacy is increasing on a natio ...
  3. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    Asthma: optimising adherence to medicines
    Do you have the confidence and skills to manage non-adherence to medicines in asthma? If so, excellent! If not, this session is for you. We will be showcasing the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education’s (CPPE) new online workshop, Asthma: optimising adherence to medicines. This innovative and evidence based new programme gives pharmacy professionals the confidence and competence to identify and support the improvement of inhaler use in asthma.
  4. Technology & Innovation Theatre
  5. Technology & Innovation Theatre
    Generative AI models like ChatGPT, have the potential to revolutise healthcare. In this talk we'll explore how generative AI is being used in pharmacy and other potential uses.

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