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Clinical Pharmacy Congress is sponsored by the pharmaceutical and med tech industries via grants, sponsorship, and exhibition packages. Pharmaceutical companies have solely provided sponsorship through the purchase of exhibition space and/or sponsored speaker sessions with no further input into the arrangements or agenda of the meeting. Sessions delivered with input from our sponsors will always be marked on the programme.

A full list of confirmed sponsors for Clinical Pharmacy Congress is available here.

Clinical Pharmacy Congress conference programme is brought to you by CloserStill Media Limited (Organisers of the event), in association with our partners and sponsors. The views and opinions of the speakers are not necessarily those of CloserStill Media Limited or of our partners and sponsors.

10 May 2024
  1. Clinical Theatre
    Meeting growing clinical demands for infusions through standardisation
    This session aims to expand on the Infusions and Special Medicines programme core workstreams in more details. Focusing on how we meet the growing clinical demands for ready to administer products through: - Exploring aseptic product standardisation - benefits, progress and next steps - Developing the technical workforce of the future - Digital innovation - Standardising contracts for better outcomes
  2. Clinical Theatre
    The pharmacist's role in the optimising RAASi therapies in patients with heart failure.This is a promotional symposium sponsored and organised by AstraZeneca, intended for GB HCPs only.
  3. Clinical Theatre
    A Sustainable Future for Asthma with MART
    Chiesi has purchased an exhibition space and sponsored a speaker session with no further input into the arrangements or agenda of the meeting.
  4. Clinical Theatre
    Deprescribing may be difficult to achieve if an individual remains symptomatic. Nutritional status is not only assessed by weight and blood test results; nutrient deficiencies have symptoms. Good nutr ...
  5. Clinical Theatre
    Nobody likes to talk about failure: how to detect and manage heart failure in primary care
    This session will define and describe the signs, symptoms and diagnostic criteria for heart failure, and opportunities to detect heart failure when reviewing patients in primary care. It will also outline the recommended drug treatments, and how and when they should be used and monitored, and the essential ongoing role of the primary care team.
  6. Clinical Theatre
    Improvers Assemble! Heroes for Medicines Safety
    We will consider why quality improvement heroes are essential for long term gains in medicines safety and how organisations can come together to use their (super)powers to vanquish medication harms. W ...

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